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Snowbell Crystal

(Snoh-Bel Cri-stahl)
Race: Hamster (Rare Breed)   Element: Wind   Weapon: N/A
Age: 17 (Born December 19th, 296 DE)   Height: 6.5"   Weight: 84g

Snowbell, or just Snowy to her friends, is a keen young woman with a good head for details and proactive attitude. Leaving home early to find her own way in the world, Snowy ventured alone for a time, but eventually encountered a group of musicians: Tracy Star, Gwenendale Griggs, Oswald Irving, and Mark Hamsta. Her family's love of music made her interested in them, but what did even more so were the bold songs that they sometimes sung about equality. Snowy befriended the band, and with her cool level head, ended up as their manager.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Snowy is preparing things for the HamstaPowah band's last show of the year, due to begin in an hour, when a tardy Mark brings in a visitor with him. J'Aime Beck, the group's number one fan, asks Snowy to help her get her friends into the show since one of them, Samuel Boyd, spent most of their ticket funds freeing some abused mice slaves. Due to the short notice, Snowy is regrettably unable to think of a way to help them in at first, but as they talk it comes up that they have a Tomedian with them (Hiaté Noumou). Mark is shocked by this, as the people of Tomed seldom if ever leave their homeland, and insists to Snowy that they need to get them access. Snowy asks him to calm down, but she finds a way to let J'Aime, Sam, Hiaté, and anybody else with them work backstage to watch the show.

Snowy follows J'Aime to Sam, wanting to meet Hiaté and the two slaves he freed, eager to have actual mice attending their show. The mother and daughter, Kamilia Kerice and Sarai Kerice respectively, and Hiaté all agree to the idea, and Snowy wastes no time leading them back and assigning them to tasks. She takes the young shy Sarai with her, talking to the girl and helping her realize Sam bought her freedom, so she doesn't have to be so quiet and meek anymore. Sarai opens up healthily, and seeing her spirit, Snowy trusts her to monitor the sound system along with two rats (who she warns not to mess with the girl).

With everyone in place and the hour at hand, Snowy declares it's showtime! The performance is a success with the audience, but during it a Sarai sees a young mouse boy breaking into the building on a security camera, being chased by a rat guard. She informs Snowy via her headset, and the group decides to help the mouse, first using the lighting equipment to blind his pursuer, and then when he slips and falls J'Aime catches him. The band and others gather around the thankfully unhurt boy.

The band tries to decide what to do with him, Mark showing concern and spotting a mark on his shoulder that indicates he's from a human lab. Tracy scolds him though and wants to adopt the poor mouse, who seems lost and confused. Snowy is unsure and points out that raising a child is a difficult obligation, but Tracy is undeterred and with Sarai's help calls him Darin Starr, since as far as they can tell he cannot talk. With that issue resolved and the show finished, Snowy hires Kamilia and Sarai fulltime to their gratitude, and then goes one further by providing the two of them with Freedom Badges, which grant citizenship to mice within the borders of Haron.

After the show, the band are on their way back to their out of town residence, riding atop their cat Bobo, when a strange robotic machine attacks them. Bobo is stunned by an electrical attack and everyone else is sent flying, including Snowy, who misses most of what follows. The robot attempts to capture Sarai, but Darin intercepts it, displaying an unusual power and fending it off briefly before he is overcome. This buys time for Mark and Bobo to attack the robot, landing a lucky hit on its weak point that destroys it. Everybody is intact, and they hurry home in case more robots are around.

Back at the house, Mark talks to Snowy about the attack. He shows her a circuit from the robot he found, causing Snowy to panic before he explains. He suspects a symbol on the circuit indicates it came from a lab, and says it might be tied to reports of a mouse changed to how rodents used to be that was found a while ago, since illegal lab work was suspected. They wonder if Darin might have an unusual resistance to the process since he isn't nearly as reverted as the mouse on the news, and if it was tied to the strange mark on his forehead, which appeared to glow when he used his power.

The next day, the band are in Crosond again on errands, Snowy walking around with Kamilia and Sarai. They run into Sam, who is sitting by himself disheartened and frustrated. Snowy asks him what the matter is, and Sam explains that he, J'Aime, and Haité had been tested for their ability to fight by his and J'Aime's old father figure and mentor Zenith Argyle. While Hiaté and J'Aime passed, Sam failed miserably, and feels unable to help anybody despite Snowy and Kamilia trying to comfort him. Sarai speaks up for him though, telling him passionately about the big impact he made on her and her mother's lives, and she succeeds in restoring Sam's confidence.

Snowy asks if anyone has seen Darin, and as if in answer, a distant explosion goes off. The city is swarmed by strange robots like the ones the band faced yesterday. Snowy is targeted by one, but as goes to attack Darin intervenes again and saves her, buying time for the others to get away. Sam has no weapon, having left it with the others, and tries to think of a plan, only for them all to witness the robots abducting civilians. Backed into a corner, the group is saved as J'Aime and Hiaté show up and fight off the robots, returning Sam's weapon to him and going on the offensive. Snowy and the other members of the band stay clear of the rest of the combat, and eventually the lead robot is destroyed and the attack thwarted. They bring a combat-weary Darin back to their house to recover again.

Later that day, the band catches a news report on the television about an explosion of unknown cause wiping out part of a district of the city. They worry for their friends, who might be caught up in it, but can do little at present. Sarai goes to check on Darin, who is still sleeping upstairs, and Snowy and Kamilia head to the kitchen. They hear a thump from above, and Snowy yells up for Drummah to knock it off, but he says it came from the roof. Everybody ends up going up there to investigate.

Upon the roof, the group sees Darin and Sarai, the latter having has drawn an immense symbol in chalk. Sarai follows him into it and is transported to a strange realm as the rest of the band shows up. Sarai sees memories of his life, showing her his past and what happened inside of the command robot, which is also shown to the band in the pillar of light now rising out of the symbol. Snowy and the others see the human scientist who claimed responsibility for the attack, Darin's condition, and a plan to revert the non-human species, allowing them to piece together far more of the puzzle. Lastly, Darin appears lucidly, asking for their help stopping him, before passing out again in exhaustion. The day having been eventful, everybody turns in, considering what they've seen and sleeping on it.

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