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Samuel Boyd

(Sam-yul Boi-d)
Race: Hamster   Element: Unaligned   Weapon: Staff
Age: 16 (Born February 25th, 298 DE)   Height: 6.7"   Weight: 123g


Sam grew up in a small town in the north of Haron, near the border of the neighboring country Maron. The town was destroyed one day in an attack, leaving Sam and his close childhood friend J'Aime Beck as possibly the sole survivors. This event deeply affected Sam's life, leaving him without clear goals or direction. He can lack in confidence and tends to blame himself when anything goes wrong, but he cares deeply for those around him and has a strong sense of justice. He and J'Aime are the self-professed #1 fans of the band HamstaPowah, supporting their message of equality between all species, and Sam has a particular interest in different cultures.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Sam's life takes a turn when he and J'Aime meet the mouse Hiaté Noumou, who is travelling with a caravan belonging to Hickory Nutchel that the hamsters join. Hiaté is initially quiet and reserved, but when the caravan gets attacked by bandits led by Jamal, whose main target seems to be Hiaté, they are all forced to rely on one another to get through it. After a desperate battle, in which Jamal and his goons are revealed to be strange demonic creatures called Urakait, and Sam's resolve to protect his friends brings out an unusual power, the group are defeated yet spared, and get away with a fair share of injuries. They continue on towards the city of Crosond while recovering from the confrontation, all of them getting a chance to know each other better. Hiaté turns out to be from the land of Tomed, a place of fascination to Sam, and she tells them about her past and the Urakait.

Shortly after arriving in Crosond - a hamster city - Sam intervenes in the abuse of a mouse slave called Sarai Kerice. He uses the money he and J'Aime had saved up for concert tickets to buy the freedom of her and her mother, Kamilia Kerice. Unable to afford normal entry, the gang are able to speak with HamstaPowah's manager Snowbell Crystal, and get in by helping out backstage. During this time, J'Aime tries to nudge Sam and Hiaté towards one another, sensing her friend's shy interest, but they mostly brush her off. The concert goes well, but during it a young mouse that is unable to speak breaks in, and is taken in by the group, who name him Darin.

After the concert Sam, J'Aime and Hiaté are out together when Hiaté is surprised by the thief Tenla Lemen, who swipes the Rod from her. The three try to stop her, but she is subsequently captured by some Urakai in possessed bodies, and taken away. Realising the problems with the Urakait aren't over, Sam and J'Aime determine to help Hiaté recover the Rod.

At this point, Zenith Argyle, a figure out of Sam and J'Aime's past, appears to the group. He says he can help them get into the underground fighting arena where Tenla has been taken, and tells them to meet him tomorrow before leaving. Sam, although less than thrilled to see him, tells the others that this is their best option. The next day, the group buys some equipment before they go to meet Zenith, Sam picking a staff as his weapon of choice. Zenith sets to testing each of their skills, and it is revealed that he took in J'Aime and Sam, looking after them and teaching them to fight, but later abandoned them. He approves of Hiaté and J'Aime's ability, but rips into Sam for not keeping up his practice and growing rusty. This causes Sam to leave in frustration at himself, but he meets Snowy, Sarai and Kamilia, who are able to restore his sense of self-worth.

Before Sam gets the chance to go back to the others, the city is attacked by an army of robotic spider bots. Initially unarmed, Sam reunites with his friends, and they go onto the offensive. After a long gruelling fight, Sam and Hiaté make it inside the giant main spider bot, where civilians captured from the city have been taken, including Darin. Inside the machine, a human scientist, speaking with them remotely through a screen, takes credit for the attack, Darin's past as a laboratory subject, and a plan to revert all animals into the less intelligent creatures they once were. His maniacal ramblings trigger a reaction in Darin, who surges with an immense power to the scientist's surprise, destroying the robot from within. Sam and Hiaté survive using a shield, and the attack on the city is ended.

After recovering from the invasion, Sam, J'Aime and Hiaté meet up with the city's police chief John Fols and his subordinate Lia Kiris, who witnessed them helping to fend off the attack. Together they manage to gain entry to the illegal underground fighting arena where Tenla and the Rod have been taken. Sam and Hiaté have a chance to talk alone, and Hiaté asks why he is so determined to fight. Sam's answer about not wanting to let people down spurs her to finally show some open affection to him. The group meet with Zenith and Rip, the police's undercover agent inside the arena. Sam, Zenith and Lia successfully enter the night's battle royale, while the rest focus mainly on retrieving the Rod.

The fighting is intense, and goes through many twists and turns. Jamal returns, as well as an ally of his, Jenya, the person Sam, J'Aime and Zenith fought together to stop some time ago, who has been revived as an Urakai. Other major players include the dubious duo of Zephron Scythe, and Matt Barzurto, and the unusual ally Jack. After a while, Jamal sends Jenya after the others getting the Rod, and dips into his full power. He defeats several fighters, then overloads Sam with negative energy, causing it to build to critical levels. Unable to contain so much power, it breaks free a vast explosion, destroying the entire underground stadium. Jamal and Jenya escape, gloating over their victory, and Sam is left lying comatose in the crater of the aftermath.

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