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Race: Racing Snail   Element: Machismo   Weapon: N/A
Age: 6 (Born March 4th, 308 DE)   Height: 5.1"   Weight: 430g


Oozer is a racing snail, a breed of snail that leaves other snails in the dust. He is partners with Hickory Nutchel, the squirrel playing the 'brains' of the team, while Oozer packs the 'brawn', pulling the caravan and supplying their chief stock. Stoic and implacable, no one has ever seen him express fear or doubt. He carves statues out of saltlicks in his spare time.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Oozer is pulling a large haul of cargo across the span of multiple countries with Hickory. During the trip they meet and take in the mouse refugee Hiaté Noumou, and later on Samuel Boyd and J'Aime Beck, a pair of lost hamsters. The caravan is then ambushed by bandits, and Oozer defends the cargo while Sam and Hiaté go to rescue J'Aime, who has been kidnapped. The bandits turn out to be possessed by demonic Urakait, but Oozer withholds himself from intervening, knowing this must be their battle to fight. They rescue J'Aime, but are defeated yet spared, and Oozer carries their injured bodies on towards the city of Crosond. He knows they will grow stronger and be ready, in time.

In Crosond, Oozer draws the caravan to Hickory's chosen place of business, letting the others go off and take care of their various businesses. He bides his time, though, sensing something might be amiss, and sure enough an army of spider robots attacks the city later that very day. Together Oozer and Hickory hold their ground, battling an unknown number of mechanical menaces in the city while the others try to take out the commanding unit, eventually succeeding. After the attack, Hickory and Oozer go to check on Sam, J'Aime and Hiaté, Hickory talking about their ordeal while Oozer just lets their presence say all that's needed. Upon learning they plan to infiltrate the stadium, Hickory freaks out, but Oozer gives his silent approval. He was proud to see them taking their own steps now.

Special Skills:


Key Moments:

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