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Race: Created   Element: Wind   Weapon: None
Age: 0 (Born September 13th, 313 DE)   Height: Varies   Weight: Varies


Mopoko was Hiaté Noumou's first ever Created, and is a small and cute, cheery wind elemental. He is friendly and optimistic, only able to vocalize parts of his own name aloud, but capable of telepathic communication with his creator, through which he has shown a normal intelligence. He can change in size, and in spite of his cuddliness is quite able in a fight.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Mopoko first appears when Hiaté Summons him to help fend off bandits attacking the caravan she is travelling with. He soon proves his worth, taking down many of them even though the bandits turn out to be possessed by demonic Urakait. During the battle, Hiaté's thoughts are drawn towards the past and being trained by her grandfather, Diestat Noumou, to be the next guardian of the Rod of Ulzis. After a long hard evening of practice, her final test was to Summon her first Created, resulting in Mopoko's birth. Mopoko was instantly friendly to Hiaté and in general, and the next morning he revealed such useful skills as being able to telepathically talk to his creator, and annoying Hiaté's older brother Haren Noumou.

In the present, one of the group, J'Aime Beck, is carried off as a hostage. Mopoko acts a transport for Hiaté and J'Aime's friend Samuel Boyd, allowing them to catch up to the bandit's leader Jamal as quickly as possible, Mopoko exhausting himself to do so. He does not participate in the rest of the battle, during which J'Aime is rescued but Hiaté and Sam are defeated, yet mysteriously spared.

Special Skills:


Key Moments:

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