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Race: Urakai   Element: Death   Weapon: N/A
Age: Unknown   Height: Varies   Weight: Varies


Sam grew up in a small town in the north of Haron, near the border of the neighboring country Maron. The town was destroyed one day in an attack, leaving Sam and his close childhood friend J'Aime Beck as possibly the sole survivors. This event deeply affected Sam's life, leaving him without clear goals or direction. He can lack in confidence and tends to blame himself when anything goes wrong, but he cares deeply for those around him and has a strong sense of justice. He and J'Aime are the self-professed #1 fans of the band HamstaPowah, supporting their message of equality between all species, and Sam has a particular interest in different cultures.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Jamal first appears as a grey squirrel, ambushing the mouse Hiaté Noumou as she sits beside a stopped caravan travelling on the road. Jamal, wearing the clothes of a bandit, demands she hand over the Rod of Ulzis, an invaluable artifact. When she refuses, Jamal calls upon more bandits. The thieves surround Hiaté's travelling companions, the caravan's owner Hickory Nutchel and Samuel Boyd and J'Aime Beck, two other hitchhikers. J'Aime is taken hostage in the surprise, and Jamal instructs them to bring him the Rod if they want to get their friend back.

Rather than giving in, Hiaté fights back with Mopoko , her Created, as does Sam with surprising effectiveness against the Urakait-possessed bandits. Hiaté gets a surprise hit on Jamal, and he changes tactics, taking J'Aime away while telling one of his underlings to deal with the hamster. He waits for his minions with J'Aime tied up and suspended over a gorge of rapids, but to his irritation Hiaté and Sam both show up. Sam challenges him and he accepts, saying he'll even remain in his host to go easy on him. The hamster initially gains the upper hand, but when Jamal starts using more of his powers he is soon beaten. He turns to Hiaté, and reveals his true form, a massive Urakai that towers above her. He defeats her as well, but spares their lives cryptically.

After the confrontation, the group continue on in the caravan recovering from their injuries, and Hiaté fills in the others about the situation, recounting Jamal leading an invading Urakai force against her home country, Tomed, possessing the important Tomedian Alfred Gjorian and coming for the Rod. She tells of how he beat her mother to death in front of her for resisting possession, and how she was barely able to get out of Tomed thanks to her grandfather, Diestat Noumou, and brother, Haren Noumou, who both stayed behind to buy her time so the Urakait wouldn't capture the Rod.

Jamal does not appear again for some time, showing up suddenly in a new body, a blade-clawed yellow-furred hamster, amongst the entrants in an illegal stadium. Hiaté and the others are trying to recover the Rod, which was snatched by the thief Tenla Lemen not moments before she was captured and taken off to the stadium. Sam, along with his pseudo-mentor Zenith Argyle and the cop Lia Kiris enter the fight, while Jamal has Jenya on his side, a believed-dead figure from Zenith's past and now a High Kait, on his. A bitter fight is promised as Hiaté, J'Aime and a few others watch on from the audience, waiting for the right time to start searching for the Rod.

The night's main event kicks off, numerous competitors being vanquished until just eight remain in the fight. Jenya and Jamal have some trouble with Jack, who they identify despite all his heavy clothing as a Tomedian, while Zephron Scythe and Matt Barzurto concentrate on Sam. The fight goes on, and Jamal starts letting some of his power out after taking a hard blow from Lia. He is just about to try eviscerating her when he is smashed backwards by a giant flying arm, sliced off a monster that Jenya Summoned. Losing patience, he releases more power and is surrounded by black energy.

While the battle in the arena rages, Hiaté and J'Aime are able to recover the Rod. An Urakai sees this, and Jamal and Jenya are telepathically alerted. Jamal orders Jenya to deal with the matter, then starts wrapping things up on his end, quickly taking down Lia and Jack. Zephon is incapacitated next, and Sam convinces his ally Matt to set their differences aside for now in the face of the much greater danger. Zenith launches Sam towards Jamal, Sam using his rare technique, Relay, to redirect Jamal's attacks back towards him. Jamal is unconcerned though, and continues pumping his dark energy into the hamster, saying he knows his weakness as he overflows him with it. Sam fights for control, but is unable to contain so much power, and it escapes in an explosion, destroying the entire stadium.

Jamal and Jenya, having escaped, float high above the remains of the annihilated building. Jamal says they've won, Jenya being slightly more skeptical, but agreeing on the unlikeliness of there being a whole lot of survivors. They discuss reporting back to Ekana's latest prodigy, Hiate's brother Haren, expecting he'll be upset about her sister, but not really caring. As the explosion dissipates, Jamal says the one survivor poses no threat anymore, Sam's unconscious body lying in the crater while the High Kait predicts his wandering alone, afraid of himself for all of the death and chaos he has caused.

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