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J'Aime Beck

(Jay-mee Bek)
Race: Hamster   Element: Water   Weapon: Bow
Age: 15 (Born June 26th, 298 DE)   Height: 6.6"   Weight: 136g


J'Aime is an energetic cheerful girl from the north of Haron. Her hometown was destroyed in an attack that left her and her close friend Samuel Boyd wandering on the road together, both of their families dead. J'Aime bears some pain over this tragedy, but for the most part she is outgoing and optimistic, tackling things with an exuberant, sometimes reckless kind of enthusiasm. She can be serious and committed when needed, but mostly enjoys drama, fashion, and matchmaking people around her, at times slipping into her alternate persona "J'Aime Bee". She may be the world's biggest fan of the band HamstaPowah and attends their concerts religiously.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

J'Aime and Sam are out in the wilderness, trying to find their bearings when they see a caravan belonging to Hickory Nutchel. Hickory shares his dinner with the hamsters, and offers a ride, turning out to have one other hitchhiker with him, the young mouse Hiaté Noumou. J'Aime instantly begins playfully teasing Sam over the attention he pays towards the mouse, but the caravan is soon attacked by a group of bandits, led by Jamal, who is after Hiaté. J'Aime is taken hostage at knifepoint in the surprise and Sam and Hiaté fight the bandits, who turn out to be possessed by demonic beings called Urakait. They manage to save J'Aime, but are themselves defeated yet confusingly spared by Jamal. J'Aime and Hickory bring them back to the caravan, and they head to the city of Crosond.

Shortly after arriving in Crosond, the capital city of the hamster nation, the group witnesses the abuse of two mice slaves by their owner, and Sam uses their concert ticket money to buy the girl and her mother out of their mistreatment. J'Aime luckily encounters Mark Hamsta, a member of the band, outside the concert hall, and is able to speak to HamstaPowah's manager Snowbell Crystal. Snowy lets everyone in, provided they help out backstage, glad to have mice at the concert. J'Aime attempts to push Sam and Hiaté toward one another during the preparations, but is generally thwarted. The concert gets underway and goes well, although during the show a young mouse on the run breaks into the building, and is taken in by the band, naming him Darin since he seemingly cannot speak.

After the concert Snowy gives the mice slaves Sarai Kerice and her mother Kamilia Kerice fulltime jobs helping the band. J'Aime is annoyed about this at first, having realized they belong to the tribe that destroyed her home, but Hiaté helps her to see that they couldn't personally have been involved, and J'Aime gets over it.

Later that day, Sam, J'Aime, and Hiaté are out together when Hiaté is ambushed by the thief Tenla Lemen, who swipes the Rod from her. The three try to stop her, but she is subsequently captured by some Urakai in possessed bodies, and taken away. Realizing the problems with the Urakait aren't over, Sam and J'Aime determine to help Hiaté recover the Rod.

At this point, Zenith Argyle, a figure out of Sam and J'Aime's past, appears to the group. He says he can help them get into the underground fighting arena where Tenla has been taken, and tells them to meet him tomorrow before leaving. The next day, they go to buy weapons before meeting up with Zenith, J'Aime deciding to use a bow and arrows. Zenith begins testing their combat capabilities. It turns out he took in J'Aime and Sam, looked after them and even taught them to fight, but later abandoned them. He approves of Hiaté and J'Aime's skill, but rips into Sam for not practicing. Sam leaves in self-disgust, and J'Aime tells Hiaté to give him some time.

Soon after this, the city is attacked by an army of robotic spider bots. J'Aime and Hiaté manage to find Sam along with some of the others. They fight off the robots and give Sam his weapon back, and the trio retaliates against the invasion. During the battle, Zenith gives J'Aime an old possession of hers, the healing Mialo Pendant, and explains that he abandoned her and Sam to keep them safe from forces seeking revenge against him and anyone close to him. The group determines they need to get inside the massive main robot, which is both the commander and where captured civilians are being taken, including Darin. J'Aime clears the way and creates a distraction for Hiaté and Sam to get in, being backed up by the local police led by John Fols when things get overwhelming. Together they hold out until the lead robot is destroyed and the attack ends.

After the fight J'Aime uses the Mialo Pendant to help them recover. Sam, J'Aime and Hiaté meet up with Fols and his subordinate Lia Kiris. They all gain entry into the underground fighting arena where Tenla and the Rod have been taken, meeting up with Zenith and Rip, the police's undercover agent in the arena. Sam, Zenith and Lia enter the night's battle royale, while J'Aime and Hiaté's job is to find and retrieve the Rod. They take seats in the audience, watching the battle unfold along with Fols and Rip until the time is right.

Once the fighting in the arena becomes a suitably intense distraction, J'Aime and the others get moving. J'Aime and Hiaté run into Tenla, who hastily returns the Rod to them, having been deceived into thinking it was a dangerous artifact of evil. They are then ambushed by a group of Urakai led by Jenya, the one responsible for the deaths of J'Aime's family, and a person she thought dead. J'Aime, Hiaté and Tenla face the Urakai, holding their own until Jenya bids an abrupt farewell and leaves, J'Aime yelling that they need to get out as the building trembles.

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