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Hiaté Noumou

(Hee-ah-tay Noo-mahw)
Race: Mouse   Element: Fire   Weapon: Sword / Summoner's Rod
Age: 11 (Born May 24th, 302 DE)   Height: 8.9"   Weight: 124g


Hiaté is a young girl from the secluded nation of Tomed. Bookish and reserved, she is normally on the quiet side, but once she opens up she can show a lot of curiosity, and if pushed to it a lot of courage too. Growing up with her older brother Haren Noumou, Hiaté was given the critical role of Rodbearer, guardian of a sacred artifact, after her grandfather Diestat Noumou judged Haron unfit. Hiaté received training, which along with her intellectual nature led to her being very mature and responsible for her age. Still, she is inexperienced, and it shows sometimes in childish excitement, bashfulness, or vulnerability.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Hiaté is travelling away from her home, Tomed, with the Rod of Ulzis, having gotten a ride with Hickory Nutchel. Hickory later runs into two other travelers, Samuel Boyd and J'Aime Beck, and offers them a ride on his caravan as well. Hiaté is troubled by this, but has little time to dwell on it as she is suddenly ambushed by the bandit Jamal, who demands the Rod from her. When Hiaté refuses, Jamal summons more bandits, and takes J'Aime prisoner, forcing Hiaté to work with Sam to get her back. They fight the bandits, who are possessed by demons called Urakait, and a voice speaks to Hiaté from inside the Rod, asking her if she knows its significance.

Hiaté remembers her past. Her grandfather Diestat telling her and her brother about the Rod's importance, his training her to use it and when Haron learned of this and lashed out at her jealously, being possessed by an Urakait until Diestat intervened and sealed the demon. His warning that she would one day face such foes echoes in her mind, and she admits she never got the chance to learn to seal an Urakait. She uses elements and her Created, Mopoko and Aquablazen, to fight instead, and she and Sam manage to free J'Aime, but are defeated by Jamal, who curiously decides to spare them before leaving.

Hiaté awakens in the caravan, relieved but somewhat embarrassed to discover Sam was the one who patched her up. After a bit of talking she gets to know the hamsters better, Sam showing a keen interest in her homeland Tomed, and she starts to open up to them. Hiaté tells them about her past, how Tomed was invaded by the Urakait, how her mother was possessed and then killed for resisting in front of her, and how her grandfather and brother stayed behind to fight so she could escape with the Rod. She finishes by saying Hickory picked her up in Squirden, Tomed's neighboring country.

Moved by her story, J'Aime and Sam say they'll help her any way they can, and the group carries on towards the city of Crosond, the capital of the hamster nation Haron. Due to the racial animosity between most mice and hamsters, Hiaté is worried about sticking out, and they have scarcely arrived when they witness a young mouse girl and her mother being abused by their owner. Sam intervenes, and ends up using their concert funds to buy the mice, Sarai Kerice and her mother Kamilia Kerice, to get them away from the harsh mistreatment. J'Aime is luckily able to speak to the band's manager, and gets them in providing they help out backstage, the band HamstaPowah also being keen to have mice present at their show.

Before the concert, J'Aime gets up to some antics and attempts to match-make between Hiaté and Sam, sensing a quiet interest from both of them. This is largely brushed off though, and Hiaté is able to loosen up and simply enjoy dancing to the music once the night's performance starts. During the concert, a young mouse running from security gets inside the building, and after taking a bit of a fall the band take him in, naming him Darin since seems unable to speak for himself. Once the show ends, Snowy hires Kamilia and Sarai as permanent stagehands, to which J'Aime reacts poorly. Hiaté asks her what's wrong, and J'Aime says she's realized that the mice belong to the tribe that destroyed her hometown. Hiaté reasons with her that Sarai or Kamilia could not have been directly involved, and she is able to talk J'Aime out of holding any resent about it.

That night, Sam, J'Aime and Hiaté are walking together, when Hiaté is ambushed by the thief Tenla Lemen, who swipes the Rod from her. The three try to stop her, but she instead gets captured by Urakai in possessed bodies, who take her away while talking about a "stadium". Sam mentions having heard rumors of a stadium, and he and J'Aime say they'll help get the Rod back. Just then, a hamster they appear to know named Zenith Argyle shows up. Zenith says that he can get them inside the stadium, telling them to meet him tomorrow before leaving. Neither Sam or J'Aime seem pleased at his arrival, but agree to do so.

Hiaté wakes up the next day with Sam tucked up against her front, J'Aime being the culprit both behind that and Hiaté's new "Hug Addict" shirt. After some antics, the trio head out to buy weapons before meeting with Zenith. Hiaté tries to buy a sword, only for the storeowner to refuse her custom based on her race, to which Hiaté reacts by cowing him into agreeing to sell it. Sam and J'Aime ask if it was a good idea, but Hiaté makes it clear she can't just rely on them, and that this is her fight.

The group meets with Zenith, who is initially highly skeptical of Hiaté's ability to hold her own in battle, but after some clashes and demonstrations she earns his full approval. J'Aime passes as well, but Sam doesn't due to being out of practice and Zenith tells him bluntly to get lost. Sam walks away full of self-disgust, and Hiaté calls after him, but J'Aime tells her to give him some time. Before much else can happen, an invasion of spider-like robots attacks the city, and begin capturing civilians.

Hiaté and J'Aime are able to catch up to Sam, who is with Sarai, Kamilia and Snowy. They return his weapon to him, and together the three fight back against the invading robots, putting up a strong resistance as a team. During the battle, Sam reveals an unusual power called Relay, and J'Aime uses an object called the Mialo Pendant combined with it to heal everyone. Hiaté recognizes this name as belonging to the Spirit of Life, one of a group of beings closely associated with the Rod, and says the voice inside the Rod belongs to another such Spirit. The group determines they need to get inside of the massive main command robot, both to take it out and free the captured people inside, including Darin. J'Aime starts clearing the way for Hiaté and Sam, and after further help and distractions from Zenith and the local police led by John Fols, they make it inside.

Inside the machine, Hiaté and Sam find the captured civilians and Darin, and they are addressed by a human scientist on a giant monitor. The scientist rants animatedly at them, taking responsibility for the attack, Darin's condition and also a plan to revert the species to their previous less-intelligent states. His words provoke a reaction in Darin, who surges with intense power to the furious disbelief of the scientist, demolishing the monitor and not stopping there. Unable to get through to the out of control mouse, Hiaté creates a shield with Sam's help to protect them and the other hostages as the robot is destroyed, all of them surviving and Darin passing out as the invasion is finally stopped.

J'Aime uses the Mialo Pendant to help both of them and herself recover, during which time it is revealed that a kiss in Hiaté's culture is similar to a marriage vow. Sam also says he intends to fight in the arena instead of her, to which Hiaté objects until Sam explains that while he has the attention of the Urakait, they can look for the Rod. The three head out to meet with Fols and his subordinate Lia Kiris. Together they gain entry to the illegal fighting arena, and once more at J'Aime's doing, Sam and Hiaté end up with some brief alone time. She asks Sam why he is so set on fighting, to which he responds he's determined to protect the people he cares about. Hearing this, Hiaté smiles and finally manages to show some open affection to him. The group meets up with Zenith and Rip, the police's agent keeping an eye on the arena, and Sam, Zenith and Lia sign up to fight, while Hiaté and the rest go to the stands to watch and wait.

Once the fighting in the arena becomes a suitably intense distraction, J'Aime and the others get moving. J'Aime and Hiaté run into Tenla, who hastily returns the Rod to them, having been deceived into thinking it was a dangerous artifact of evil. They are then ambushed by a force of Urakai led by Jenya, an ally of Jamal's. Jenya taunts Hiaté about her past, and in particular her brother, telling her that Haren has joined the Urakait, and what's more was the one to orchestrate the entire invasion of Tomed, including the death of his own mother. She keeps pushing until Hiaté snaps, unleashing an immense fiery attack that washes back over J'Aime and Tenla, while Jenya emerges barely injured. Hiaté breaks down even though it's soon revealed that her friends are alright, and remains trembling on her knees until Jenya suddenly leaves. J'Aime yells at her that they need to get out right now, Hiaté still failing to move as the whole building shakes around them.

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