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Haren Noumou

(Ha-ren Noo-mahw)
Race: Mouse   Element: Thunder   Weapon: Summoner's Rod
Age: 15 (Born August 9th, 298 DE)   Height: 9.2"   Weight: 160g


Haren is a child of the nation of Tomed, a particularly special one, as he is next in line to take up the unique and vital role of Rodbearer. He and his younger sister Hiaté Noumou are both students underneath their grandfather Diestat Noumou, the previous Rodbearer, but while Hiaté is earnest and dedicated, Haren is impudent and disinterested. He acts as if the title of Rodbearer is owed to him, displaying a general arrogance that, while tolerated due to being family, wins him few points. Despite being the older sibling, Haren clearly has more maturing to do than his sister, at times showing jealousy of the praise she gets.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Haren is first seen when, during a battle with a group of Urakai, Hiaté's memories are drawn to the both of them being taught by their grandfather. Diestat tests them on their understanding of the history and significance of the Rod of Ulzis, with Haren showing some awareness but also impatient disinterest. Hiaté answers far more respectfully and fully, and Haren scowls over her upstaging him, before leaving dismissively. It isn't until the following day that he returns, demanding to know where Hiaté is from Diestat since she didn't come home last night, as well as what was going on inside the Mushroom Tower. Diestat gives the weak excuse that he was cooking, and then challenges Haren by asking if he's afraid of his sister upstaging him again. Haren begins to reply when Hiaté appears.

Haren asks where Hiaté was, saying their mother was worried sick, and also asks what the heck Mopoko is upon noticing him. They walk off together, and Hiaté is honest and tells him she is to be the next Rodbearer. Haren reacts to this with shock, and then out of nowhere attacks his sister. Hiaté is stunned, but it soon turns out Haren has been possessed by an Urakai,t and after a brief fight Diestat arrives to seal the demon with the Rod, saving them. He notes how Haren would claim it was pointless to prepare for their return, and is now their first victim.

Later on, Hiaté recounts Tomed's invasion by the Urakait to Samuel Boyd, a new friend who helped her to fight them. She tells him of Diestat taking her brother and herself to an old escape route through the mountains, to the neighboring nation of Squirden. There, before parting ways with them, her grandfather formally passed the Rod of Ulzis onto her, remaining behind to cover their escape. Haren and Hiaté hurried along the tunnel, but the Urakait gave pursuit, and Haren told his sister to run. She did, and a cave-in sealed her off from her pursuers. Unknown to her, the Urakait considered trying to follow, only for a grinning Haren to tell them not to bother.

Yet later, while Hiaté and her friends are in the city of Crosond an Urakait reports to Haren, who sits in a golden throne. Haren is pleased to hear just how poorly prepared his sister is, despite being surprised that she has made allies. After learning Crosond is known to have illegal fights, he prepares instructions for Jamal. Once his orders are carried out, he watches through a crystal ball, observing as Hiaté's friends are caught out by encountering his forces as they try to recover the stolen Rod. He gloats about it to Diestat, who sits tied up helpless by his side, and also rubs in his sinister renovation of the Mushroom Tower, which they are within. Haren informs his surprised grandfather that he knows all about his 'trump card' as well, and continues watching.

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