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Gwenendale Griggs

(Gwen-en-day-l Grigs)
Race: Hamster   Element: Thunder   Weapon: Axe
Age: 18 (Born September 12th, 295 DE)   Height: 6.7"   Weight: 125g


Gwen (as he prefers to be called) is an amiable goofball, easy-going slacker and a prankster that never means ill but can sometimes get carried away. Homeless for much of his young life, he learned the guitar because he thought they were awesome, could panhandle for change with one and hoped it would appeal to girls. He and his friend Oswald Irving learned to survive the rough streets, and when Tracy Starr, another friend of theirs, had to leave her home, they looked out for the driven yet fairly naive girl, working together to get by (despite Tracy's crush on Gwen intimidating him), eventually turning to music to do so.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

The HamstaPowah band are preparing for their last gig of the concert year. The show goes well, with Gwen being particularly on-form. However, during the performance a young mouse boy breaks into the building, on the run. After a little help from the band, the mouse slips and falls, but is caught by J'Aime Beck, HamstaPowah's number one fan who was helping with some of her friends backstage so they can see the show. Gwen is curious about the mouse, but voices no objections to Tracy wanting to help him out, even when Mark Hamsta discovers a mark on his shoulder that indicates he's from a human lab. Tracy adopts the boy and names him Darin Starr, as he seems unable to speak.

After the show, the band are on their way back to their out of town residence, riding atop their cat Bobo, when a strange robotic machine attacks them. Bobo is stunned by an electrical attack and everyone else is sent flying, including Gwen, whose guitar is snapped in the fall, much to his distress and outrage. He and many of the others miss the majority of what follows. The robot tries at first to capture Sarai Kerice, a young most who, along with her mother Kamilia Kerice, has been taken in by the band as paid workers after Sam freed them. Darin however intercepts it, demonstrating an odd power and fending it off briefly before being overcome. This buys time for Mark and Bobo to attack the robot, landing a lucky hit on its weak point that destroys it. Everyone else is intact, and they decide to quickly head on home.

Later on, while the band are doing errands in Crosond, the city is beset by an army of robots like the one they faced. Aside from Snowbell Crystal, they manage to keep out of the way this time, and Mark finds Darin, who was caught up in things again, so they take him back to their home to recover. Later still the band hears news of an explosion of unknown cause that has wiped out part of the red district of the city, causing them all to worry for their friends.

Sarai goes to check on Darin, and when the others hear a mysterious thump from the roof, they head up to investigate. Arriving on the roof, they see Darin standing in a strange symbol marked out in chalk, and are unable to stop Sarai stepping onto it, which causes them to vanish in a pillar of light that bursts from the symbol. Sarai is taken to a strange realm where she is shown Darin's memories, the others witnessing the same images projected on the pillar of light. They see the human scientist who claimed full responsibility for the attack, Darin's condition, and a plan to revert the non-human species, allowing them to piece together far more of the puzzle. Lastly, Darin appears lucidly, asking for their help stopping him, before passing out again in exhaustion. The day having been a surprising and eventful one, everyone turns in, considering what they've seen and getting some rest on it.

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Key Moments:

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