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Race: Created   Element: Water/Fire   Weapon: None
Age: 0 (Born February 16th, 314 DE)   Height: 48"   Weight: 7,320g


Aquablazen is the child of another Created belonging to Diestat Noumou, both mother and daughter sharing their name and characteristics. Young Aquablazen was gifted to Hiaté as an egg by her mother and has since hatched. She is fairly quiet and can appear reserved, but is entirely loyal to Hiaté and comfortable in showing her a gentle kind of affection.

Story Summary (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Despite being adopted, Hiaté shows as much teamwork with Aquablazen as her own Created Mopoko. The mouse calls on her while fighting against the Urakait Jamal, tasking her to rescue the respectively knocked out and tied up hamsters Samuel Boyd and J'Aime Beck from the rushing torrents of a ravine Jamal cast them into. Aquablazen saves both of them even as Hiaté is defeated by Jamal, and carries them back to land where J'Aime, now freed from her bindings, and the squirrel Hickory Nutchel carry the injured Sam and Hiaté back to Hickory's caravan. Aquablazen assumedly returns to the Rod while they do so.

During the subsequent journey, Hiaté recounts her past to the others, including her escape from her homeland Tomed when the Urakait invaded. Before her and Haren parted with her grandfather, his Created gave her the egg that would become her Aquablazen. Hiaté does not call on Aquablazen again for help until she is in the bowels of a building containing an illegal fighting stadium, facing off against a swarm of Urakai led by the powerful Jenya. Aquablazen's fighting prowess is soon proven, as she manages to occupy most of the normal Urakai all by herself, freeing up Hiaté and the others present to focus on dealing with the yet more dangerous Jenya.

Special Skills:


Key Moments:

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