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Family Matters

Chapter 9 Summary
Chapter Length: 90 pages


Next morning, Hiaté wakes up to find Sam tucked up against her, which turns out to be J'Aime's fault. After some talking they check on Hickory and his stand, before going to buy some weapons for their meeting with Zenith. Sam gets a staff and J'Aime a bow, and despite some minor difficulty with the storeowner, Hiaté buys a sword. They go and meet Zenith, who sets to testing each of their skills in combat. After some back and forth, he is impressed by Hiaté's abilities, and finds J'Aime up to par, but Sam has fallen out of practice, and Zenith tells him to get lost. Sam leaves in self-disgust, feeling unable to be helpful to anyone, and comes across Snowy, Kerice and Sarai. They ask what the matter is so he explains, and they respond by reminding him of the all good things he's achieved, with Sarai especially being passionate in telling him how much he helped her and her mother. They manage to restore Sam's faith in himself, but before he can head back, an army of robots attacks Crosond.

Checkpoint: Page 31

Some robots target Snowy for capture due to her being a hybrid of hamster and mouse and thus a rare specimen. Sam knocks her out of the way, but lacks a weapon to fight back with. Luckily, Darin shows up and allows them to get away, but gets captured doing so. The robots seem to be capturing other civilians as well, and J'Aime and Hiaté show up, throwing Sam his weapon. Together, they take the fight to the invading robots, Sam unleashing a powerful technique called Relay after being hit by an attack. This drives back the enemy, and Sam sees the huge command unit in the distance. Zenith also returns a special pendant to J'Aime, and tells her that he abandoned them because a dangerous person they defeated years ago succeeded in releasing a greater threat, one which would come after Zenith and anyone close to him. J'Aime uses the pendant to heal Sam when he is injured, who Relays the healing energy to everyone else. They plan to get inside the main unit and free the captives.

Checkpoint: Page 61

The plan they come up with involves Sam and Hiaté entering the unit, destroying it, and having Hiaté use a shield to protect everyone from the blast. The city police department, trying to deal with the emergency situation, is being stretched thin when they receive a report of someone going on the offensive against the robots. J'Aime begins clearing the way for Sam and Hiaté, with Zenith, and then the police chief Fols and some of his best personnel joining in to lend further support. Sam and Hiaté make it aboard the main unit, where they find Darin and the other captives. They are addressed by a human scientist on a screen, who takes credit for the attack on the city, Darin's condition, and finally a goal to return the non-human species to how they were. His words trigger a reaction in Darin, who releases his unusual power to the scientist's disbelief, blowing up the entire command unit in a blind rage. Hiaté and Sam manage to protect everyone using a shield, and the attack on the city ends.

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