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Electric Enemy

Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter Length: 18 pages


The HamstaPowah band, including Kerice, Sarai, and Darin, are travelling through the forest on their cat Bobo. They hear an odd noise coming up behind them, and are attacked by a strange robot the same size as the cat. A mysterious figure remotely prompts the robot to capture Sarai, but Darin intervenes using his strange power. The figure indicates Darin is the true target the robot is hunting for, and it turns on him. Darin attacks it, but despite damaging the machine he is injured, only to be saved by Mark riding Bobo and attacking the robot's main eye. The machine explodes and Sarai runs to Darin. He murmurs something about "Naru", his first word said in front of them, then faints.

Checkpoint: Page 10

Mark discovers a piece of circuitry from the destroyed robot bearing a strange symbol, and says they should hurry before they run into any others like it. Meanwhile, back in Crosond, Sam is mulling over Zenith's appearance on the balcony of his hotel room. J'Aime comes out and tells him not to let it get to him, and starts talking about Hiaté. She says how alike they both are, as well as how obvious it is Sam likes her, leading into J'Aime giving conscripted makeovers to him, Hiaté, and Hickory.

Checkpoint: Page 15

At the same time, the HamstaPowah band return to their home outside of Crosond. No one was severely hurt in the attack and most have gone to sleep, but Mark and Snowy stay up to talk. Mark is concerned, and shows Snowy the part of the robot he found, connecting it and Darin's behavior with the discovery of a non-intelligent, pre-modern mouse mentioned on the news a while back. He notes that the mouse couldn't talk, and Darin seems as if he wants to but something stops him most of the time. He suggests someone is developing a method to revert the species back to the way they were, and Darin may be important due to having a level of resistance to the process. While this happens, a human woman reports to the figure that was commanding the robot, who plans another attack.

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