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Rhythm of Freedom

Chapter 7 Summary
Chapter Length: 34 pages


The caravan pulls into the Haron capital, Crosond, J'Aime excited to have finally arrived and the others less so. They soon witness the abuse of a young mouse slave and her mother by their owner, and Sam intervenes. After some heated back and forth, Sam uses his personal concert ticket money to buy the mice off of their owner, to the deep gratitude of the mother and her daughter, Kerice and Sarai Kamilia respectively. Going to the concert hall, J'Aime pleads to talk to the band's manager and explain things, but is denied by the ticket seller. Luckily, one of the group, Mark Hamsta, is coming in himself, and invites her along. J'Aime explains the situation to HamstaPowah's manager, Snowy, who works out a deal to let them help backstage, especially interested in having mice at the concert.

Checkpoint: Page 8

Hickory has a brief, traditional taunting match against his commercial rival, Nikki, and the rest of the group, including Kerice and Sarai, head to the concert. Snowy assigns them their roles, and they get to work. J'Aime stages an attempt at nudging Sam and Hiaté closer together, but both they and Snowy shoot it down, and the night's event gets underway. The concert starts well, but at one point Sarai notices a young mouse being chased on a security camera, and informs Snowy. The mouse uses a strange power to stun the rat pursuing him, and after falling and being caught by landing on J'Aime, the band takes him in and name him Darin, since he appears unable to speak.

Checkpoint: Page 22

Snowy hires Kerice and Sarai fulltime to work for the band, and arranges for them to be granted Freedom Badges, enabling them free movement in Haron. J'Aime reveals she's realized the two mice belong to the same tribe who destroyed her and Sam's home, but Hiaté reasons that they personally couldn't have been involved and diffuses her resent. While this is going on, an Urakait reports on the group's activities to a strange mouse sitting in a lavish golden throne, who gives orders to be relayed to Jamal. Back in Crosond, while walking outside with Sam and J'Aime, the Rod is swiped right out of Hiaté's hands by a thief named Tenla Lemen. The trio tries to stop her, but she is instead captured by rats possessed by Urakai, and Hiaté, Sam and J'Aime look on helplessly as they take both her and the Rod away, talking about a "stadium". Sam says he's heard rumors of an illegal fighting stadium, and a hamster named Zenith appears, seemingly familiar to Sam and J'Aime, claiming he has a way in.

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