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Invasion of the Phen Region

Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter Length: 9 pages


Hiaté tells Sam about the day the Urakait invaded her home, Tomed. A highly-ranked Tomedian named Alfred Gjorian was in charge of the Tomed Wall, when word came of an approaching force of Urakai. He sent a warning to the town of Phen, and prepared the defenses. Despite their efforts, the defenders fell and many were possessed by Urakai, including Jamal's possession of Gjorian, allowing him to learn the location of the Rod. Word of the attack arrived in Phen, and Hiaté's family prepared to flee. Hiaté's mother was set upon by an Urakait, but she was strong enough to fight its control. As a person dominating an Urakait is regarded as dangerous to them, Jamal arrived and killed her, Hiaté witnessing it while hiding, finally managing to make herself run while the Urakait was distracted.

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J'Aime butts in during a pause in the story, revealing that she has been listening in as well. Hiaté continues her account, explaining how her grandfather led her and Haren to the border, where there was an escape route through the mountains into the neighboring Squirden. He told them to go while he held the Urakai back, presenting Hiaté some parting gifts. His Created, Aquablazen, gifted an egg to her, from which her own Aquablazen was later born. Diestat also gave her the Rod of Ulzis, taking her old Summoning staff to fight with. Grandfather and grandchildren exchanged some hurried final words, and Hiaté and Haren entered the tunnel. They didn't get far before the Urakai caught up, and Haren told Hiaté to run. Just when she appeared to have run out of luck, a cave-in sent her tumbling and stopped the Urakai pursuing her. She finishes by saying Hickory saw her falling in Squirden, and took her onto his caravan. Hearing all this, J'Aime says they should head to Phen later, together.

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