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Of Mice and Hot Cocoa

Chapter 5 Summary
Chapter Length: 11 pages


Jamal looks down at the defeated Rodbearer, saying she is fortunate he has been told to let her live. He departs, and Aquablazen returns carrying Sam and J'Aime as Hiaté loses consciousness. She awakens later inside the caravan, and is greeted by J'Aime. J'Aime explains that Hickory arrived with Oozer after Hiaté passed out, and brought them back safely. Hiaté realizes she is naked beneath her cover, and reacts badly to being told that Sam bandaged her up. After some dramatics, she helps to bandage Sam properly, and he apologizes for forgetting about mice's cultural views on privacy.

Checkpoint: Page 6

J'Aime reveals her drama kid side and gives Hiaté a makeover under the excuse justification of avoiding unwanted attention, since in the hamster country of Haron, mice are subject to laws of deportation and slavery. Hiaté reveals she has no idea what Maron is, despite it being the home nation of mice, and properly introduces herself, saying she comes from Tomed. This fascinates Sam, who is aware of Tomed's association with ancient and mysterious arts. Sam and J'Aime help fill her in on the politics of the region, including the history leading up to the Century War the countries Haron and Maron are involved in. They also tell her about the band HamstaPowah, who they are on their way to see, the group promoting a message of equality between the species. Hiaté is interested and decides to come hear the band. However, while they travel Sam notices she is still troubled.

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