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Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter Length: 12 pages


The voice in the Rod, which belongs to a strange female rabbit that seems to be communicating from a different realm altogether, bickers with Hiaté until they settle on using elements to deal with the Urakait. Hiaté Summons a powerful storm of wind and lightning down onto the Urakait, trying to make him release Sam. The Urakait resists the attempt as he and Sam are held in the cyclone, and he taunts the hamster for being unable to do anything to help J'Aime. This provokes a surge of renewed determination in Sam, who remembers a promise he made to keep J'Aime safe after their home was destroyed. He strikes with his staff, to everyone's surprise managing to carve the Urakait in two.

Checkpoint: Page 5

Hiaté and Sam head after Jamal on Mopoko, who can grow in size by inhaling air and then travel rapidly by releasing it. They catch up to Jamal, who has J'Aime bound and suspended over a gorge of churning rapids. Sam faces off against Jamal, and although he is able to beat him in a fight of normal blows, once Jamal uses his powers Sam is quickly defeated and thrown towards J'Aime, casting them both into the gorge. Hiaté Summons Aquablazen to rescue them, and Jamal reveals his true form: an immense Urakait towering high above her. The two face off, Hiaté casting a shield to fend off Jamal's energy blast. Her barrier is no match for him though, and she is thrown to the ground, defeated.

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