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Origins of the Rodbearer

Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter Length: 15 pages


In a flashback, key events of Hiaté's childhood are explored. Her grandfather questions her and her older brother, Haren, on their understanding of the Rod of Ulzis' past and significance, including its connection to battling the Urakait and their master, the being known as Ekana. Hiaté recounts the legend of Dylan, a human who used the Rod to seal Ekana, then entrusted it to Tomed should Ekana break free. Haren acts disinterested and leaves, but Hiaté's grandfather Diestat tells her not to worry about him, and leads her to a building called the Mushroom Tower, which is reserved for Rodbearers and their students. It becomes apparent he intends to train Hiaté to be the next Rodbearer, instead of Haren, who would traditionally take the role. Diestat begins training her in the art of Summoning, starting by showing her his Created, Aquablazen. Hiaté spends hours practicing with him, mastering most elements asked of her very quickly. She finishes by giving life to her first Created, Mopoko.

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Mopoko instantly displays a friendly attitude towards his creator, and despite him looking quite unimpressive Hiaté quickly bonds with him. Forming the Created has left her drained, so Diestat bids her to go home and rest, but Hiaté is reluctant to face Haren after the day's events, expecting him to be angry about her receiving Rodbearer training. She sleeps under a tree for the night, and is woken by Mopoko, who can speak with her telepathically. The next morning, Haren walks up to Diestat and demands to know where his sister is and what they were up to, since she didn't come home. Diestat retorts by asking if he's worried she'll upstage him, and Hiaté returns with Mopoko. After they leave Diestat at the tower, Haren asks what's going on. Hiaté is honest, and he loses it, attacking her.

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Knocked to the ground, Hiaté gasps out, and Haren's voice changes, the words coming from his mouth claiming that "Your brother is mine!". Hiaté realizes something is controlling her brother, and after a brief fight she manages to stun him, only for an Urakait to rise from his body. Not recognizing the demon, Hiaté is saved as her grandfather intervenes and uses the Rod to capture the Urakait. He tells her what it was, and that one day she would have to fight them. The flashback ends, and Sam is still fighting against the Urakait, having little success. Hiaté tells him he cannot win, which Sam takes as a lack of confidence at first, but he finds out his attacks pass through his opponent even if he gets close. The voice in the Rod urges Hiaté to seal the Urakait, but she says she never learned how.

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