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Rodbearer and the Bandits

Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter Length: 12 pages (original)


(Note: The first 4 pages of this chapter overlap with Redux 1, which continues onto page 5.)

Getting invited to ride on Hickory's caravan so long as they help out, Sam and J'Aime make their way towards the city of Crosond. Sam notices a young mouse girl travelling with them, and is teased about staring by J'Aime. Hickory explains that he picked her up as well, and she has been helping out while hitching a ride and otherwise minding her own business. The mouse owns an ornate staff with a large jewel on it, which she cradles protectively, wondering aloud to herself what to do next. She is suddenly confronted by a bandit, who refers to her as "Miss Noumou" and her staff as "the Rod". He tells her to give up the Rod, but she refuses, and he calls for backup, making the others aware of the situation as they are surrounded. The lead bandit tells them to surrender the Rod or their lives.

Checkpoint: Page 5

The bandits take J'Aime as a hostage at knifepoint. The mouse responds by channeling powerful energies using the Rod, Summoning a strange creature named Mopoko. Mopoko is laughed at by the bandits to begin with, but quickly proves his strength by flooring several of them. While this goes on, Hickory throws Sam a wooden staff or "a stick" to fight with. Although underwhelmed, Sam manages to hold his own against the bandits, to the surprise of their leader, who is facing the mouse. She calls his attention back to her, saying she recognizes him despite him being in a different body, calling him a demon and revealing that his name is Jamal and he is responsible for the death of her family. Jamal is struggling to deal with her, and leaves with J'Aime. Sam tries to stop him, but a final bandit gets in his way, revealing the true form of the beings possessing them, red demons known as the Urakait. A voice inside the Rod urges the mouse to help, naming her as Hiaté, and itself as the Rod of Ulzis.

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