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Chapter 11 Summary
Chapter Length: 38 pages


An unknown mouse in a strange place speaks aloud, addressing a person she calls "Zwihei". She tells them their name means courage, but has other connotations as well, like rage. It transpires she is addressing a silent Darin, who also occupies the surreal realm. At the same time, the band is sitting together watching the news about the explosion in Crosond. It turns out Darin is in some kind of long sleep, and Sarai goes to check on him. She finds Darin's room covered by drawings all over the floor and walls, and finds he is awake and up on the roof outside. Downstairs the others hear a noise, and go to investigate, finding Darin showing Sarai a large, strange symbol he has drawn on the roof.

Checkpoint: Page 11

Sarai runs towards Darin, stepping into the symbol, and it starts to glow. Darin says some words in a strange language, and a blue light envelops them both. Sarai finds herself floating in light, which then breaks and drops her through a stream of fragmented memories that are not her own. She sees Darin's past, how he was originally captured, and meets a strange guide, a weasel-like creature made of light. This being leads her onward while telling her what she is witnessing, and that the others can see it as well. She introduces herself as Sharet, the Spirit of Light, and says that her and her brother, Oku, gifted Darin's mark to him, it being one of a set of three, as defenses against 'their enemy'.

Checkpoint: Page 21

Sarai bears witness as Darin is tormented in experiments on reversion. His mark undoes each of the tests done on him, but cannot protect him from the mental trauma, and his sister Narunetsume is even burned alive before him to try to break his resolve. Sarai is able to talk to her mother and the others, and they piece together the picture so far, before being shown the scientist's mass-reversion speech. Darin finally appears himself, lucidly asking for their help in stopping the scientist. Both Sarai and he appear back on the roof and Darin faints. As everyone else rests, Mark speaks to an associate using a computer, finding out the scientist's name is Dr. Lentle. Back in the dreamscape, Darin finally answers the mouse, Jurei, telling her he's found plenty of people who make his life worth living.

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