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Into the Arena

Chapter 10 Summary
Chapter Length: 112 pages


While J'Aime is healing herself, Hiaté and Sam after the robot invasion, they discuss getting into the stadium, and Hickory shows up, saying he's alright. Sam says he'll enter to fight and distract the Urakait while Hiaté and J'Aime search for the Rod, and they head out to meet with Fols. After a bit of shenanigans to impress the door guards, Sam, Hiaté, J'Aime, Fols, and his lieutenant all Lia get inside the stadium housing the arena. Hiaté and Sam get a chance to talk alone, and Hiaté is able to finally openly express her gratitude to Sam. The group meet up with Rip, Fols' inside agent, and Zenith.

Checkpoint: Page 24

Lia and Zenith join Sam in signing up, only for some old enemies to return. Jamal is back inside a new host, and with him is Jenya, the person Zenith killed years ago but after she released the seal on the Urakait, for which she was made into one. The two Urakai taunt them, while Haren watches on a crystal ball, gloating to Diestat, who he has captive with him in the renovated Mushroom Tower.

Checkpoint: Page 36

The battle royal kicks off, with dozens of fighters throwing down. Many of them are taken out of action quickly, Lia, Sam and Zenith watching each other's backs and holding out. Jamal and Jenya get stuck in as well, Jenya facing Sam, but finding his Drawing and Relay skills troublesome and switching with Jamal. A few others prove capable of holding their own, but one of them fighting against Jenya loses his sword to her. Jenya catches it, and uses Cast Summoning to transform the blade into a huge violent monster. The beast causes some damage to the stands, and some of the audience flees.

Checkpoint: Page 51

J'Aime says it's time to get moving, while Tenla, trapped in a cage above the stadium, expresses a similar sentiment. In the arena, Lia takes down Jamal, but he gets right back up and begins to draw out more of his power. Sam and Zenith try to assist, but are themselves intercepted by Zephron and Matt, who say they need to talk, and then activate a strange transformation and attack when Zenith and Sam decline. While the battle continues, Tenla escapes into the building's corridors, speaking to the voice inside the Rod, who has made her realize she was duped into stealing it, having been told it was an artifact of destruction. In the arena, Jenya's opponent, known only as Jack, manages to cut an arm off her Cast Summon, which hits Jamal and enrages him. He destroys the beast as he unleashes the majority of his power, while Sam's opponent, Matt, claims the Rodbearer is deceiving them.

Checkpoint: Page 70

Away from the arena, Hiaté, J'Aime, Fols and Rip head through the building's passages. Rip gives Hiaté and J'Aime directions to search for the Rod, while Fols and he head for the control room to put an end to the illegal fighting operation. Hiaté and J'Aime catch up to Tenla, who after a bit of trouble with a guard tosses them the Rod and locks herself in storage where her own gear is. An Urakait sees this and Jamal and Jenya are alerted, the former ordering the latter to go deal with it. Jamal starts to get serious, his released power giving him a dark aura and four large, vicious light-blades. He quickly takes out both Lia and Jack, and Zenith launches his opponent, Zephron, towards him. Jamal impales Zephron, incapacitating him as well, and Sam bargains with Matt to stop fighting each other and deal with the more urgent matter. Sam launches into a direct confrontation with Jamal, using Relay.

Checkpoint: Page 83

In the hallways, Hiaté and J'Aime run into Jenya leading a large force of Urakai. Hiaté Summons Aquablazen and attacks, doing well until Jenya snatches her sword, which is in turn stolen back from her by Tenla, the thief joining the battle. The three girls fight Jenya and her forces, while she explains how she was reborn as a High Kait, and taunts Hiaté by telling her Haren did the same thing, and was the one who oversaw the Urakai invasion of Tomed and all within, including his mother's death. She keeps this up until Hiaté snaps, unleashing an immense flame attack that washes back and consumes J'Aime and Tenla. Jenya emerges intact, and further mocks her failure, though Tenla and J'Aime turn out to be okay thanks to Tenla's quick action. As their fight continues, so does Sam and Jamal's in the arena. Zenith uses a dispel circle to free the injured Jack, Lia and Matt from Jamal's magical bindings, receiving help and a warning from someone called Lida, who says that they need to get out fast.

Checkpoint: Page 100

Sam is reaching his limit against Jamal, who can absorb and launch back the energy he gives off all day, while magical kickback from Relay is wearing Sam down more and more. Jamal taunts him as he kneels struggling, telling him he was responsible for more than he realizes, including the razing of his and J'Aime's hometown and their families' deaths. Sam screams as the energy building up in him becomes too much to control, Jamal leaving with some last mocking words. Witnessing this from the control room, the announcers, Pico and Rico, decide it's time to leave, only for Fols and Rip to burst in. They hold the two mice at gunpoint, but Pico and Rico reveal themselves as strange beings made of energy, and tell the officers they will need to help their allies when the time comes, then teleport them out of the stadium. Jenya also vanishes from her fight, and the building begins shaking. A huge blast turns a chunk of Crosond into a crater, and Jamal and Jenya float above, gloating in victory.

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